Francisco MANGADO

International Convention Center of the City of Madrid+



68.955 m2

Madrid is a topographical city and the area subject to our intervention becomes a part of this topography. The topographic is present not only in the section, but also in the view from the elevated towers, that like guards flankt he access to the great Convention Center. This view towards the roof dominates almost everything and in the proposal the topography of the roof, perfectly treated and triangulated into planes, acquires a fundamental protagonism. It is born to be seen.

Another way of seeing the project, complementary to the topography, is that of an immense raised pattern, that insures the visual transition between the city and the landscape. The section resolved the idea and it is there that we find the genesis of the project.

These two ideas, topography and platform are realized in large span beams that fold and pleat, creating the distinct exhibition spaces and smaller auditoriums. In addition to a sequence of great spaces, there are two resources that have helped organize the program of the project. On the one hand to clearly differentiate the public access from the private, we have taken advantage of the existing sectional differences to great public access points, and on the other hand we have used these as service spaces, which placed strategically, not only serve the fundamental functional areas, but also that they act as filters that divide and unite these very areas.

Madrid, España