Francisco MANGADO

School of Architecture Guinea+

-Equatorial Guinea

The project aims to build the first school of Architecture and Civil Engineering in the Sub-Saharan area. It is therefore oriented to students from the small country of Guinea but also to those from neighboring countries. It is part of a general project to build a Polytechnic University aimed at generating licenses that can help to build a large part of the infrastructure needs of the area. The project is not only a construction proposal but also includes a teaching model that progressively moves from external tutoring to the assumption of control by the architects and engineers themselves in the institution. In any case, it is done with a commitment to excellence.

The project consists of the building of the school of architecture and civil engineering as well as a residence for the students. The architecture is contextualized to the maximum. The floor plan and the section make group teaching around the projects the fundamental value, placing the departments, model workshops, construction workshops, auditoriums, etc. in other positions. The spaces are always organized looking for continuity, creating situations where both vertical and horizontal cross ventilation are of great intensity. Thick façades that temper the sun’s rays are another of the formal arguments of the project, both for the school and for the adjacent student residence. The zenithal light is an important resource, never direct, which is linked to the ventilation systems.

The materiality is adapted to the construction possibilities of the country. Coarse concrete, perforated and built according to on-site prefabricated systems, and wood will be the two fundamental materials. The enclosures will be mainly made of wooden trellises. There will be little glass.