Francisco MANGADO

New Chamartin Station+



656.336 m2

A structure such as the one in question must be based on a series of fundamental arguments, as well as on a series of guiding principles that give coherence and illustrate the main decisions.

The project for the new Chamartín train station implies values such as exemplarity for the future insofar as it, due to its significance, location, national dimension and work of a “public” nature, will also serve to express a way of doing and positioning oneself with respect to how architecture and the construction of public works and infrastructures should be in the present and the immediate future. What are the principles that, as a position that goes beyond the strictly technical, should be followed in a world where communications are a basic backbone.

Our country has the opportunity, with the project of the station object of this competition, to support projects that, far from the spectacle, make the commitment to the rational use of means and resources their fundamental argument. Projects that, with an appropriate relationship between means and maximum goals to be achieved, leave aside falsely flashy architectural actions, to bet on projects that seek quality and architectural significance in the application of logic and the search for importance based on architectural values rather than calligraphic.

Madrid-Chamartín-Clara Campoamor, C. de Agustín de Foxá, 28036 Madrid, España