Francisco MANGADO

Comic Opera Berlin Mitte+



The new building is designed in such a way that the interplay between audience and opera takes place all the way from Unter den Linden via Glinkastraße to Behrenstraße and the roof terraces. The rehearsal stages are designed as multi-purpose rooms; open-air projections, receptions, etc. can be held on the roof terraces. On the first floor, the space accessible to the public is kept as large as possible. This is where the entrance areas and the gastronomic offer are located. The spatial program is divided in such a way that the artistic area is located in the new west wing, administration around the stage tower and technology in the east wing.

This distribution of functions not only minimizes the footprint of the new building and thus optimizes the proportion of public space, but also makes all layers of the building’s history visible. Accordingly, the competition proposal provides for the careful renovations and restorations required by the competition brief. The stage tower will be raised by 5 meters. Operational processes will be able to be developed as needed. The new administrative offices are arranged around the stage tower and thus enjoy a privileged view over the city. At night, subtle and sustainable light installations will turn the tower into the new symbol of the opera house. Regenerative energy systems are integrated into the building.

Behrenstraße 55-57, 10117 Berlin, Alemania