Francisco MANGADO

Rennes International City+



6.700 m2

The International City of Rennes is not just a building. Position and its diversity of program, with different areas for private and public uses, make the international city exactly that: a ‘city’.

We propose a plinth on which to place the volumes accommodating the various functions. This platform is the project’s connection to the street, and determines circulation connecting the cathedral and the historic city to Place Charles de Gaulle. It therefore acts as a structure-creating element in the city, and its solid and clear-cut nature serves to unify the intervention.

The plinth is ‘sculpted’, and in itself becomes a public space. Where the cafeteria is, the building is ‘excavated’ to form a covered space of a public nature that is to be taken as a continulation of Place Charles de Gaulle.

Rennes, Francia