Francisco MANGADO

New Museum of Vienna+



14.000 m2

Here is a project that calls for intelligent architecture of the kind that stems from a thorough and complex analysis not only of the building and its function and purpose, but also of an urban environment which can be improved through the building. It should be clear and categorical in form, and avoid solutions that could be perceived as non-unifying.

Two major objectives govern our proposal. On the one hand, given the urban importance of the complex, to help enhance the surrounding architectural context. On the other hand, to give architectural importance and symbolism to one of Vienna’s major institutions.

The fundamental idea is to create an entrance atrium, a welcoming space that acts as an intermediate element, connecting the existing building to the urban environment. This atrium, open and bright, marks a transition between the public and private parts of the museum while enhancing the entire architectural context. In addition, the new atrium makes it possible to easily resolve the confluence of the different accesses to the museum, creating a civic place where different kinds of activities can be held. The configuration of this atrium with courtyards at ground level and large skylights above makes it possible to organize the expanded functional program easily.

The creation of this large ‘entrance gate’ enables dialogue between the enlargement and the preexisting building, whose side facing Karlsplatz is now an interior facade.

In functional terms, the new building clarifies the uses. Around the atrium, located in the new construction and in the wing closest to the preexisting building, the one facing Karlsplatz,  the more public spaces are organized. In this way we look for coherence between the public function and the public space. The existing building —in the wing facing Maderstrasse and the fabric of the city– will contain the museum’s auxiliary uses and the building’s more private spaces. A functional structure coherent with the urban and formal structure of the new complex.

Karlsplatz 12, 1010 Wien, Austria