Francisco MANGADO

Conservatorium in Paris+



6.100 m2

The whole process of project development here revolves around the question of how to come up with a beautiful and efficient building within the extremely complex reality of the urban fabric and the codes in force. The difficulty of the urban reality has to do with the limitations on plot occupation. The quantitative restraints make it necessary to keep the program within strict limits while aiming for a certain degree of spatial quality.

A basic objective is to build something that looks attractive from Boulevard Brune. The conservatory project is a splendid opportunity to connect uses which are currently located inward in the block, detached from the ‘exterior city’. This idea leads us to design the conservatory as a building connected to the boulevard through a route formed by a series of public spaces arranged in a sequence and beginning in the boulevard; an itinerary of courtyards opening on to this urban thoroughfare which, moreover, in typological terms, makes it possible to make construction very open towards the interior and very closed along the edge that borders with a school building and the other areas towards which there cannot be any openings.

The tower is placed exactly at the point of connection with the boulevard. In this way it is an element that marks the entrance to the new complex.

The building must also respect an existing alignment and comply with some very strict limitations involving views, heights, and the adjacent buildings toward the interior. The formalization of this along the exterior edge follows certain patterns that make it possible to comply with the restrictions imposed by the codes, without prejudice to quality in the interior.

In sum, the objective is to come up with an economic and logical design based on sensible energy-related values and an efficient means-ends relationship.

Impasse Vandal, 75014 Paris, France