Francisco MANGADO

Grand Performance Space for the City of Granada+



12.985 m2

The place where the building is placed is not very appealing speaking in town-planning terms. Just the north side is slightly attractive. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the right contextualization from more abstract references. The Arabic geometry, present in all the architectonic monuments of this entity could be a good starting point. The pentagon, a simple geometry element, is in the base of the building formal structure. The floor and the section, the space organization and the mechanic structure that supports it, are in the project development foundation.

The building from the geometry of the pentagon achieves an expressiveness that becomes evident in the powerful volumes of the whole. A platform makes the traffic between the constructed areas and the park possible. Volumes that emerge looking for the maximum representation capacity for the building lean on this park. This is the image that will be available from the carriageway and the lowland. An image strengthened by the use of golden ceramics as the only material to cover the building. The ceramics pieces, in a small proportion, will cause reflections noticeable from the distance. A material game to attract the most important “material”: light. Inside, the structure of the pentagonal bodies and dark laminated wood, contributes to reinforce the special intensity of the group, just as they were use in the Muslim structures.

The glass pieces will allow creating a lighting spot surrounding the building, like in the Arabic bath. The lounge, made of light and dark wood, depending on the elements, wants to be, above all, effective in artistic and functional terms. The white ceramics will be the base material with which the internal vertical elements will be treated. Proportion and sobriety are the two key concepts that has became the basis of its configuration.

Granada, España